Kim Buchholz

Co-founder, Director of Design


Kim whole-heartedly believes all environments have the capacity to uplift and enrich everyday life. As an artist, designer, writer, and researcher, Kim’s work centers on heightening spaces and evoking the human spirit within the built environment.


She devotes herself to exploring form and material, as sensory phenomena contributing to feelings of yearning and longing. Much of her work focuses on critical issues pertaining to empathy, social equity, animal welfare, health, and compassion. Kim has completed multiple research assistantships related healthy urbanism and social equality, and continues to research spatial relationships and the construction of personal identity. Kim holds a Bachelor of Science in Art History, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design, both from Kendall College of Art & Design. She is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture, also at Kendall College of Art & Design.




Dustin Altschul

Co-founder, Principal Architect


Dustin brings unique and seasoned experience to Hungry Architecture. His years of working in the interdisciplinary fields of engineering, construction management and architecture have given Dustin a deeply-rooted expertise, as well as an fluent body of knowledge. Inspired by Ove Arup’s philosophy of Total Design, Dustin’s fundamental belief as a principal and licensed architect is to give every aspect of a project the utmost attention and focus for design excellence, from the unseen technical resolutions to the overall spatial experience. Dustin has not only lead design ventures on residential, commercial, high rise, educational, and cultural projects, but he also possesses an experienced background and passion for urban design. His active research and work in climate responsive design is continually recognized internationally through awards and invited lectures.


Dustin obtained a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering Technology at the University of Cincinnati and graduate studies at Lawrence Technological University where he received a Master of Architecture and Master of Urban Design. In addition to his degree studies, he also completed various research assistantships related to Next Generation Infrastructures and generative vacant land reuse throughout Detroit.